TMHS 266: The Truth About Your Core Muscles, Diastasis Recti, & The Human Kettlebell – With Katy Bowman

Where did we get the idea that a tight, toned core was the ideal thing to have? Aesthetics have long been a part of human culture, for sure. But, collectively WE get to choose what’s beautiful… and WE get to choose what’s ideal.

Did you know that in some cultures, having some jelly on your belly is actually a sign of good health and wealth? True story. Not every culture values the sacred six-pack. And that’s ok. Because I think that all of us are missing the point.

The most important thing about our core is that it actually works! The muscles, fat, and fascia that make it up. Plus, all of the internal organs inside of it are what really give it significance. There are folks with some nice fat on their waistline with phenomenal health in the function of their core. While there are also people with shredded six-packs whose core function is about as good as one of those traveling carnival rides. Sure, I know this looks like a dependable rollercoaster, but tomorrow it will be nowhere in sight (and all I’ll have left is this $5 stuffed animal that I spent $50 on games to win – oh, that’s just me, huh?).

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TMHS 265: Creating Fit Bodies, Successful Mentorship, & The Truth About Discipline – With Bedros Keuilian

Discipline is often associated with all kinds of negativity. But, what if I were to tell you that healthy discipline was the key to creating the life of your dreams? Not your ethnic background, not your socioeconomic status, not your sex, not your age, not any of that stuff. Discipline is the key to getting you from where you are to where you want to be.

Now, this isn’t just a hypothesis. I’ve got the proof to back it up. In fact, I’ve got the ultimate case study. My guest today is largely considered to be one of the most successful fitness entrepreneurs in the world. And he definitely didn’t have the odds in his favorite when he started out. As you’ll find out today, I think it’s suffice to say that he actually had the odds stacked against him. He found a way to make his mark. And discipline took him from good to great.

Bedros Keuilian is the definition of a living legend. But he’ll be the first to tell you that you are here to create your own personal legend. Plus, he’s the guy to help you to do it. He shows up, he cares, and he delivers in a major way. Click play, listen in with your heart and mind, and enjoy!

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TMHS 264: The Facts About Your Dirty Genes: Methylation, SNPs, & Drinking Wine – With Dr. Ben Lynch

The more we find out about our genes, the more fascinating our potential becomes.

It’s important to realize that our genes don’t control our lives. In fact, in many ways it’s the opposite. There are thousands of things we can do to influence our genetic expression. And that’s where the real adventure begins.

Today you’re going to discover some little known facts about your genes that might just change your life forever. You see, even though we humans have upwards of 20,000 genes we share collectively, some of those genes can misbehave. Our normally clean, well-functioning genes can get “dirty” and lead to some serious health issues as a result.

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TMHS 263: How To Go From Average To Phenomenal – With Eric Thomas

Success leaves clues. We have a remarkable opportunity today to learn from people who’ve turned their wildest dreams into reality. At no other time in history have these superheroes been so accessible. Videos, podcasts, social media interaction, live events; there’s so many ways to learn from the very best people in the world. This episode is another opportunity to take advantage of that!

Eric “ET” Thomas is largely considered to be the top motivational speaker in the world. He’s been able to impact the lives of millions, and create a remarkable life in the process. Because of his level of impact, ET can command 6-figures for him to do a presentation. But what many people don’t see is that when he flies into a city to speak, he’ll often set up several other free speaking events… at middle schools, detention centers, and for at-risk youth. You see, ET was once a homeless at-risk youth himself. He’s learned a lot along his journey. And he can speak to anyone, at any level, and add value to their life because of it.

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TMHS 262: The Sinister 6 Toxic Ingredients In Your Personal Care Products

We take for granted that products on the store shelves are, not only good for us, but safe as well. Little do we realize that industries involved in things like supplements and personal care products are largely unregulated.

To take it even further… many companies are allowed to use ingredients that are known to be toxic to the human body (several of them banned in other countries outside the U.S.). Yet, here we are brushing, rubbing, shampooing, and soaking ourselves in chemical soups each day, blind-as-a-bat to the hazardous effects (and keep these products out of your eyes or it might not just be a figure of speech).

The issue is so grand, but I wanted to put a nice PSA together to talk about a few of the most pervasive and problematic chemicals in popular personal care products. Take good notes, and take action on what you see fit. And definitely share this one with the people you care about. Enjoy!

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