TMHS 256: Achieve Peak Performance And Stop Settling For Average – With Guest Jairek Robbins

In the words of Lauren Hill, “It could all be so simple… but you’d rather make it hard.” The action steps to creating the success we want, be it in our health, our career, our finances, or anything else, are unequivocally simple. But, every-single-day many of us fall flat on our faces trying to execute on the actions necessary.

Here’s the thing… nobody tripped us. Nobody pushed us down onto the floor. Dare I say, we actually trip ourselves? It’s like walking along throughout the day knowing that our shoes strings are untied. It’s just a matter of time before we stumble. Self-sabotage carries many different faces, and one of the most sinister is the face of unpreparedness.

On your path to achieving what you want, stuff is going to happen. It is what it is. And, if you’re not prepared, then you are metaphorically looking down at your shoes strings blowing in the wind as you decide to take off on a dead sprint. Face plant, here I come!

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TMHS 255: Reduce Body Fat & Increase Your Lifespan: The Surprising Benefits Of Walking

Bipedal walking is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of human beings. Unlike most other creatures (and especially other mammals), we are designed to travel around on our own two legs.

What’s so fascinating is that our ability to walk on two legs activates some pretty magnificent neuroendocrine programming. Walking makes essentially everything in your body work better. And although this has been postulated for a thousands of years, today we’ve got the science to prove it.

The benefits of walking have been touted since Hippocrates said that, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” That’s a pretty strong statement from the man who’s considered to be the Father of Modern Medicine. For him to make an assessment like that, walking would have to provide some pretty remarkable results. Was his tunic not wrapped right, or was he really on to something?

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TMHS 254: Build Unstoppable Self-Esteem, Reprogram Your Mind, And Make A Bigger Impact – With Tom Bilyeu

When we try to change our lives by trying to change our actions, we’ll often times find ourselves falling short. This is because trying to change our actions is like trimming the branches of the problem. The problem is still there (only prettier). The real change happens by targeting the roots. And the roots are your self-perception.

Every thought you think and corresponding action you take is based on the beliefs that you carry about yourself. Your mind is constantly playing a message to itself in the vein of, “I’m the type of person that…” You think, say, and do the things based on the type of person you believe yourself to be. Anything too far outside of those beliefs is generally off limits. And this is why change can be so hard.

The solutions starts with targeting those roots and “growing” your self-esteem. How can you have a new and better life if you don’t truly feel you’re worthy of a new and better life? Without doing an overhaul on your self-esteem and reprogramming your mental settings, you’ll find yourself self-sabotaging every step of the way. You’ll unknowingly be setting up boobietraps for yourself like that kid Data from the Goonies.

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TMHS 253: Getting Stronger With Progressive Overload & Building Your Relationship Muscles – With Jay Ferruggia

There are a lot of different ways to look at strength. The typical definition revolves around a capacity for exertion or endurance. You can see strength on the field, strength in the gym, and strength on the track in its various forms. But, there’s another definition of strength that is often overlooked. It’s the ability to resist force. Strength isn’t just exerting your force on the world, it’s also being strong enough to handle it when the world’s exerting its for on you. And that’s why you need to build other muscles besides the ones that make you look good in a T-shirt. That’s why I called in Jay Ferruggia.

Jay knows a thing or 500 about building muscles and getting stronger. Today, he’s going to talk to you about progressive overload and other crucial things to help you keep getting fitter as the years roll on.

More importantly, Jay is going to drop some serious knowledge on building your relationship muscles, and how to ensure that you’re strong enough to handle it when the world decides to drop a flying elbow on you (cue Rick Flair hollering, “Woooooo!” right here). Your relationships (with yourself and others) is the real key to lasting health and success. Today, you’ll uncover some hidden gems that are going to help you stay happy, healthy, and successful long into the future. It begins now, in the present, with the one and only Jay Ferruggia.

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TMHS 252: Turn Your Struggle Into Strength & Ignite Your Transformation – With Shaun T.

Every second of everyday, our minds and bodies are transforming. Transformation is a part of life. But all transformations are not created equal.

Personally, I’ve transformed from a thriving athlete, into a couch potato with extra cheese and bacon bits. I’ve transformed from being incredibly self-centered, to dedicating my life each day to serving others. I’ve transformed many times in my life (as you have too!). Some for the good, and some for the not-so-good. But, the point is that transformation is a given. It’s always happening whether you realize it or not. And the key is to get out in front of that transformation to guide your mind, body, and spirit where you want it to be.

How we transform, and what we transform into, is up to us more than we may realize. Part of the challenge with transforming our lives for the better is due to the struggles that we carry from our past. The things we’ve been through may carry a tone of, “You’ll never be able to accomplish it.” “Who do you think you are?” “No one you know has ever done this before.” “You’re not _______ (good enough, talented enough, intelligent enough, etc. [just fill in the blank with the negative things we hear and tell ourselves]).”

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