Aspartame: A Sweetener to Die For

Eighty-five percent of all complaints filed with the FDA are for adverse reactions to aspartame, including deaths.

There are also 90 plus different symptoms reported in the complaints, everything ranging from blindness to insomnia.

With a product being so obviously dangerous for human consumption, why is it still in our food supply today?

Well, the first key is to really know what you’re dealing with… What is aspartame REALLY, and why is it so damaging?  Where did aspartame come from, and how do we avoid having our friends and family fall victim to it?

These are the important questions answered in this exclusive interview, and these are the answers that will help you protect your loved ones from this deadly product.

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Guacamole Traditional (Superfood Guacamole)

When people that are truly into health and fitness get together to eat and party, you literally need a security guard on duty to protect the guacamole bowl. Why is this??? Because this ugly looking dish is strangely seductive, and it actually tastes ridiculously good!

Guacamole dates back to the great Aztec civilization. They called it ahuaca-mulli, which means “avocado mixture” or “avocado sauce”.

The base of the guacamole is the unique avocado fruit, which the Aztecs prized as a health-giving aphrodisiac.

The Aztecs also utilized the highest protein food in the world, spirulina, which is now gaining enormous popularity today. Spirulina is approximately 70% protein by weight. It’s also incredibly rich in antioxidants, enzymes, polysaccharides, chlorophyll, minerals, trace minerals, essential vitamins and more! This is a superfood in the true definition of the word.

These two traditional Aztec food staples have a natural affinity toward each other, which you’ll find out when this recipe of the week pushes your pleasure button. Make this guacamole recipe and it’ll be the high light of the next party:

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Benefits Of Fermented Foods – The Forgotten Food Group You Need To Know About

Many experts on the leading edge of health would say that since the implementation of the first USDA Food Guide in the early part of the 20th century, things have went drastically awry.  Human health is more than just picking from a few categories of food.  We have thousands of years of documented history, and the idea of a food pyramid is a new invention, and we need to understand this to embrace true health and longevity.

There is a forgotten food group that was CRITICAL to the lives of our ancestors. Yet, today it’s something that we rarely, if ever, hear anything about.  This food group provides essential minerals and trace minerals, rare B vitamins, protection against cancer, and important probiotics that fortify our immune system.

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The Lap Band Deception

The number of Bariatric Lap-Band surgeries have been rapidly increasing every year.  It’s a clear indication that many people are VERY serious about losing weight, but the actual cost of lap-band surgery may actually be their own life.

New reports are showing more and more of the long-term effects of this procedure, and the results are unsettling to say the least.

This exclusive interview is a must for anyone you know who is struggling with their weight and looking for new options to help them get there.

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Golden Greek Reloaded

Obviously salads are a wonderful thing to have in your nutritional strategy, but most people are unaware that the salad dressings they are using COMPLETELY NEGATE the benefits of the salad, and make their body store fat like crazy!

The bottled “Ranch” and “Caesar” dressings out there are far from good for your health.  You’ll often notice that they’re made with things like soybean oil and sugar, which are two ingredients that can totally screw up your metabolism. Soybean oil is commonly known as “vegetable oil,” but it’s not even a vegetable at all!  This is an oxidized, unstable oil that will clog your arteries faster than you can say false advertising.

One of the most powerful things you can do for your health is learning how to make your own delicious, fresh salad dressings.  The varieties are endless, and it always gives you the edge when you know where your ingredients are actually coming from.

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