Inflammation and Earthing

The vast majority of doctor visits today are for stress related illnesses. The overwhelming benefits of grounding technology are shedding new light on the causes of bodily stress. In this video you’ll discover the answer to what Earthing is and how you can use this technology to radically change your health.

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5 Foods To Keep You Sexy Over The Holidays

We all know the story by now… Holidays come, and pounds come along with them.  If you’re in the flow with your workouts, then the holidays show up and throw a wrench in your program.  If you’ve yet to start watching your waistline, then the Holidays can often push you back even further.

Well this year we’re making the holidays exactly what they’re supposed to be.  Time with family, good food and laughs, and feeling GOOD all the way into the new year.  Here are 5 essential foods to have with your Holiday meals to keep you sexy and fit all the way there.

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E. Coli Can DOUBLE Your Risk of a Heart Attack

That trip to the buffet or dinner with the family can end up haunting you far after the meal is finished.  Subjection to dangerous E. coli strains can result in things like gastroenteritis (stomach flu) and severe urinary tract infections.  E. coli exposure can commonly show up as “food poisoning”, but the new long-term implications are what’s truly unsettling.

In a Canadian Study of nearly 2,000 people who became ill during an outbreak of the E. coli O157 bacteria, it was found that their risk of heart attack had actually DOUBLED!

During the initial outbreak in May 2000, after a municipal water system was contaminated, seven people died, thousands became severely ill, while others were only mildly affected.

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Telomeres, Astragalus, and Anti-Aging

Telomeres and aging have been discovered to be directly correlated with each other. Telomeres are a DNA sequence at the end of each chromosome, which protect the end of the chromosome from deterioration.  As your cells divide throughout your life, it continually shortens the length of the telomeres.  This triggers new genetic information to be read, and for your body and mind to take on new characteristics.

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The Peanut Butter Conspiracy

Recently I received a question asking if organic peanut butter is better than the conventional.  Organic peanut butter is obviously a better option, but in this case you’re just choosing from the “lesser of evils”.

The vast majority of peanuts used on the market contain a dangerous compound known as aflatoxin which is one of the most carcinogenic substances known. You can sometimes find rare species of peanuts like Wild Jungle Peanuts, but your best bet is to go with almond butter, cashew butter, or one of my new favorites Pumpkin Seed Butter!

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