Benefits Of Fermented Foods – The Forgotten Food Group You Need To Know About

Many experts on the leading edge of health would say that since the implementation of the first USDA Food Guide in the early part of the 20th century, things have went drastically awry.  Human health is more than just picking from a few categories of food.  We have thousands of years of documented history, and the idea of a food pyramid is a new invention, and we need to understand this to embrace true health and longevity.

There is a forgotten food group that was CRITICAL to the lives of our ancestors. Yet, today it’s something that we rarely, if ever, hear anything about.  This food group provides essential minerals and trace minerals, rare B vitamins, protection against cancer, and important probiotics that fortify our immune system. [click to continue…]

Pleasure Soup

If you’re not making Blended Soups then you are missing out on a powerful component of a cutting-edge health strategy.

Making blended soups allows you to get a tremendous amount of fresh vegetables into your diet in a way that doesn’t take you 3 hours to chew. You’d have to knaw on vegetables all day to achieve the recommended daily servings, and even then it’s usually not that enjoyable… But we are changing that all that with the Pleasure Soup!

This is one of the most popular recipes from my book The Key to Quantum Health. In the special section titled Life-Force Blended Soups I am sharing several AMAZING blended soup recipes. [click to continue…]

Green Warrior Shake Reloaded

In a ranking of the most beneficial technologies we have today for improving our health, the “Green Smoothie” strategy is rated near the top of the list.  This is for 2 HUGE reasons:

1)  Concentration of alkaline minerals.  This helps your body to detoxify, reduce excess weight, improve mood, normalize digestion and much more.

2)  Efficient delivery system.  To get this amount of green vegetables in your diet (like you know you’re “supposed to”) it would take you a tremendous amount of time each day. Using the technology of the blender, you’ll be able to maximize your meal in a delicious way that REALLY delivers on nutrition. [click to continue…]

Nuclear Fallout Reaches the U.S. – How to Protect Yourself in a Time of Crisis


With multiple explosions at the Fukushima power plant, each day is bringing greater concern about what needs to be done to prevent a possible worldwide disaster.

In this important interview you’ll learn the critical steps you need to take to protect you and your loved ones from radiation exposure.

Listen here now:


The 5 essentials to combat radiation: [click to continue…]

Camu Camu Berry Benefits – Leading The Superfruit Revolution

The amazing Camu Camu Berry is a fruit that grows in the Amazonian rain forest of Peru.  This superfruit fruit is quickly being recognized as a nutritional powerhouse that’s changing the face of health and wellness around the world.

The Camu Camu Berry is the #1 source of vitamin C of any known botanical.  It’s actually 3 percent pure vitamin C by weight.  To give you a comparison, that’s about 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Most people know about the importance of vitamin C for a healthy immune system.  I can’t even tell you how many times one of my clients has called me when they (or one of their family members) were coming down with an illness, and I had them take my Immune Boosting Vitamin C Formula (mainly consisting of Camu Camu Berry) and they were able to knock the illness right back in just a couple of hours. [click to continue…]