TMHS 122: Why Your Environment Shapes Your Body And How To Move Your DNA – With Guest Katy Bowman

This conversation with biomechanist and award-winning writer Katy Bowman instantly changed my life. Because I’m a very analytical person, sometimes I like to know the WHY before I jump head over heels into something. Katy broke down exactly why movement matters so much, and how myself and many others are fooling ourselves when it comes Read More

Celebrate Sleep Smarter Week With Me!

For over 12 years I’ve been researching, experimenting with, and sharing the most effective health and fitness information I could find. Today is a very special day because I get to share what I’ve discovered about a topic that hasn’t been given it’s rightful respect until today. That topic is sleep! Sleep Smarter Week is Read More

7 Legendary Foods

This program takes you beyond the “average” state of health, to experience levels and health, beauty, and vitality that surpasses anything that you could have thought to be possible. These are coveted and elusive secrets revealed to you here in this incredible program. Some of the things you’ll be learning about are…