TMHS 143: How The Quality Of Your Sleep Impacts The Health Of Your Relationships

When you’re sleep deprived, you’re not yourself. No… I mean really not yourself. There’s a big impact on your brain, hormones, and we’ll just say “emotional stability” that a lack of sleep can play. So much so that top researchers have dove in to discover just how socially messed up poor sleep can make us. Read More

TMHS 132: Digestion 101: Natural Solutions For Digestive Health – With Dr. Jillian Teta

Good health begins and ends with our digestion. It’s never really been “you are what you eat.” It’s really you are what you assimilate, and the health of your digestive tract plays a huge role in this. Today we have on Dr. Jillian Teta to take us on an epic tour of the digestive system. You’re going Read More

TMHS 124: 8 Incredible Health Benefits Of Fasting

Sometimes I wonder how things that are so simple can be so powerful (and yet so overlooked). When we talk about fasting, we are talking about something that’s deeply connected to the highest expression of our genes. Fasting, itself, is an epigenetic trigger that “turns on” certain programs inciting your DNA to print out better Read More

TMHS 118: Scary Dairy – The Pros And Cons Of Consuming Dairy Products

For a lot of us, nothing says love like some delicious milk and cookies. Or maybe it’s ice cream that you just can’t do without? Or hard cheeses? Or yogurt? Or maybe you get really sexy and dip your food into fondue? Whatever it may be that pulls on those heart strings for you, one Read More

TMHS 068: Boost Your Fat Loss With These 5 Tips For A Healthy Liver

You’re going to be shocked to find out how much your liver function impacts your body’s fat loss (or lack thereof). Your liver is often referred to as the “second brain” of your body, and for good reason. Your liver has responsibilities in regulating hormone function, assimilating nutrients, and handling insulin, just to name a Read More