TMHS 170: 5 Scientifically Proven Ways To Be More Attractive

In a world of continuous posts and pictures, our consumption and judgement of attraction is at an all-time high. But, what can get lost in all of that is, well, ourselves. What does it mean to be attractive? How does attraction work? And why does it matter really anyway? Well, funny enough, attraction is actually Read More

TMHS 148: Estrogen Dominance – Natural Treatments For Fibroid Tumors, Cancer, And More

Millions of people worldwide are struggling with the effects of estrogen dominance. It’s a growing epidemic that’s connected to obesity, fibroid tumors, cancer and more, yet most people have no idea about it. This episode is focused on lifting the veil that’s been hiding estrogen dominance. Today we’re going to break down one of the Read More

TMHS 135: How To Have More Fitness, Health, And Love In Your Relationship – With Darren And Danielle Natoni

The most influential factor on your health and success in life is the health of your relationships. Nothing can influence your mindset, motivation, decisions, and destination more than the people you travel through life with. When you are with the right person, in the right situation, being healthy, fit, and happy can seem almost effortless. Read More

TMHS 132: Digestion 101: Natural Solutions For Digestive Health – With Dr. Jillian Teta

Good health begins and ends with our digestion. It’s never really been “you are what you eat.” It’s really you are what you assimilate, and the health of your digestive tract plays a huge role in this. Today we have on Dr. Jillian Teta to take us on an epic tour of the digestive system. You’re going Read More

TMHS 130: High Performance Nutrition And Living Lean – With Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce is a game-changer. He has helped athletes go from good to great for years, but what he’s doing to the face of sports performance is legendary. We all know that our society looks to athletes as a hallmark of what health and fitness should look like. The problem is that for decades top Read More