TMHS 163: How To Create A Superhero Brain

I love the quote from Bill Waterson that says, “Experience is food for the brain.” What’s so wonderful about our brains is that they are continuously learning, continuously growing, and continuously making new connections. Your brain is this miraculous, self-designing entity. It can do so much to change your own world, but it can also Read More

TMHS 109: Smarter Supplementation And Unorthodox Ways To Upgrade Your Health – With Ian Clark

Nutrition isn’t just about what you eat. Sure, the food you eat gives you nourishment, but the things you drink, the things you put on your skin, the sunlight you receive, the movement you engage in, and many other factors all add to how you “feed” yourself on a daily basis. Recently we’ve discovered in Read More

Fatal Fat Loss Mistake #3 – Working Out At Night

Today it’s pretty common to see 24-hour gyms with dedicated people working out late into the night. I’ve been a willing participant in late night exercise many times (note: this was in college while my decision making skills weren’t fully developed). I would head down to the gym and train after 10 p.m., play competitive Read More

TMHS 018: Tips For Protecting Your Children’s Health With MommyMD Dr. Jennifer Hanes

In this episode of The Model Health Show we are happy to welcome Mommy MD, Jennifer Hanes. Dr. Hanes is a board certified emergency and integrative medicine physician out of Austin, Texas. We’re truly excited to have her on the show today to share her insights about raising healthy kids by being healthier parents. Illness Read More

7 Legendary Foods

This program takes you beyond the “average” state of health, to experience levels and health, beauty, and vitality that surpasses anything that you could have thought to be possible. These are coveted and elusive secrets revealed to you here in this incredible program. Some of the things you’ll be learning about are…