TMHS 202: 7 Little Known Superfoods You Need To Learn About

The term “superfood” has been used more and more loosely as the years have gone by. It’s sort of like when a really skinny guy who doesn’t workout has abs… and you’re like, “Nah, that doesn’t really count. Put your shirt back on and stop flexing.” Well, at least that’s what I would have told Read More

TMHS 161: Creating Health Transformations And The Power Of Juicing – With Drew Canole

What separates those who lead lives of great success, and those who lead lives of great struggle, are things that are so small that you can likely write them all on a tiny post-it note. Success starts with ritual. It’s the things you do consistently, not every now and then, that tells the real tale Read More

TMHS 136: Making Healthy Food Affordable For Everyone – With Gunnar Lovelace

One of the biggest arguments against adopting a healthier lifestyle is the additional expenses you have to undertake. When someone makes the leap to buying organic and natural foods and personal care items, when they get to the register and look down at their receipt, their jaw just might drop right onto the conveyor belt. Read More

TMHS 114: 15 Delicious Ways To Add More Superfoods To Your Meals

Some foods go above and beyond when it comes to nourishing the human body. Thousands upon thousands of foods have some of the nutrients we need to sustain health, but many of the superfoods you’re about to learn about today come very close to having it all. I have a deep affinity for many of Read More

TMHS 069: Super Nutrition And Total Human Optimization – With Aubrey Marcus

If we’re going to be successful in the field of nutrition, then we’ve got to come to the realization that EVERYTHING you put into your body has an impact. Whether you’re eating a walnut or a doughnut, it will change every cell in your body at some level. Food is truly that powerful. It’s time Read More