TMHS 284: The History Of Soda: Medicine, Marketing & Moonshine

There’s hardly anywhere you can go in our modern society and not get your hands on a cold, fizzy soda pop. Whether you call it a soda, soda pop, pop, or just a plain old Coke, they’re as much a part of our world as reality tv, smartphones, and tiny dogs.

Fun fact, in certain parts of the U.S., millions of people refer to ALL types of soda as a Coke. In southern states like Alabama and Mississippi, when someone says, “Grab me a Coke”, the common reply would be, “What kind?”. And when you hear the Coke-wanting person reply with, “A Sprite”, don’t get confused and give them the side-eye.

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TMHS 283: The Truth About Enhancing Your Physical & Mental Stamina – With Guest Alex Hutchinson

Is our ability to endure tough circumstances, whether it’s in sports performance, in our careers, or in our relationships, designated to the strength of our mind? You can never take our physical health out of the equation too. There’s no doubt that when we are physically fit and feel well, we’ll tend to be able to do well in the venture that we’re undertaking.

But what if two people of comparable physical health are going up against each other, who will win in the end? This conversation immediately shifts back to the strength of our mind. Finding out what makes your mind stronger and more capable is a huge, underlooked key to success. I love the quote that says, “Where the mind goes, the body will follow.” Though we still need to keep in mind that we need a capable body as well. So, what are the physical attributes that matter most in boosting our stamina? And how can we tap into our mental muscles to make us more fit and capable overall? That’s what we’re diving into with New York Times bestselling author Alex Hutchinson on this powerhouse episode. So, click play, take good notes, and use these insights to help you perform in the marathon of life!

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TMHS 282: Get Financially Fit, Upgrade Your Identity, & MAXOUT – With Guest Ed Mylett

New leaders in the world of personal development have emerged. And they’re not about fluffy sentiments that don’t hold any weight in the real world.

This new guild of superheroes are all about action, mastering mindset, service, and results. With our hyper-distracted world, we need leaders who can really grab our attention and snap us out of a funk. We need leaders who talk the talk, walk the walk, and lead with heart. Our guest today is definitely one of these superheros.

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TMHS 281: Boost Performance, Prevent Injuries, & Upgrade Your Movement Diet – With Dr. Kelly Starrett

One of my favorite definitions of the word diet is “habitual nourishment”. We can unknowingly develop tunnel vision and think that food is our only source of nourishment. True, food is a huge part, but our diet consists of far more than what we are putting in our bodies.

Our movement practices, our exposure to healthy environments (with adequate fresh air and sunlight), the influence from the relationships in our lives, and several other factors play a key role in our habitual nourishment. To attain true, sustainable health as a human being, all of these areas need to be addressed intelligently. And no one knows that better than today’s guest, Dr. Kelly Starrett.

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TMHS 280: Exercise Secrets & Building Superhero Bodies – With Celebrity Trainer Don Saladino

When everyone shows up to the theater and sees their favorite superhero on the big  screen, we are just seeing the end result of an incredible process. Superheroes, and champions alike, are made when no one is watching. When the lights and cameras are all off, the best of the best are putting in work. But not the kind of work you might think of…

Getting in superhero shape, for example, doesn’t take a particularly special plan, or a particularly special person, or even a beat yourself into the ground work ethic. It does, however, take a special mindset. That’s where celebrity trainer Don Saladino takes the cake. He’s mastered the ability to maximize the results for his clients by maximizing their mindset and paying attention to what his clients really need.

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