Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis – Simple Weight Loss Technique To Shed Pounds The N.E.A.T. Way

We live in times of great convenience and luxury.  Even if you are working for minimum wage in our country, you’ll often have an automobile or access to public transportation that requires very little of your own energy to get around.  Most of the people in modern society have very sedentary lifestyles PLUS we spend an average of 10 to 15 hours a day sitting in our cars, at our desk, watching t.v. and browsing on the internet.

Has all of this convenience compromised our health and beauty?  Recent studies show the results to be a resounding YES!

The #1 key to solving any problem is being aware that the problem exists in the first place.  As I like to say, “consciousness trumps everything.”  So now we can begin to focus on the solution.

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Full Blast Orange Sherbet Smoothie

This superfood shake is outrageously good. It stacks up in taste with any ice cream shake on the market, with one very distinct difference:  It’s 100% natural, loaded with superfoods, and it will give you unstoppable energy for hours!

This Recipe of the Week features the Goji Berry, which is the only food proven to trigger your body to produce more human growth hormone (“The Youth Hormone”). The goji berry also boasts 19 amino acids, over 21 trace minerals, and more antioxidants than most foods on the planet. Combine that with the antioxidants from the fresh-squeezed orange juice and Sun Warrior Protein, and you’ve got an antioxidant powerhouse that can revolutionize your health.

This is one of the specially designed superfood elixirs from my book The Key to Quantum Health. Here’s the recipe for your tasting pleasure:

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Benefits Of Yerba Mate – Giving You More Than Coffee Ever Dreamed Of

One of my good friends is a native of the beautiful country Argentina.  I was astonished a few years ago when she told me of the daily use of the antioxidant powerhouse Yerba Mate and how’s it’s so integrated into the fabric of their culture.

At the time I was already a huge fan of Yerba Mate, and frequently recommending it to my clients as a means to increase focus and energy, as well as being a health-giving alternative to coffee.

Yerba Mate is a delicious way to start your day, and it has the ability to kick-start your energy and metabolism on par with (and often BETTER than) coffee and green tea could ever dream of.

Mate is not a “tea” in the common sense of the word.  It’s actually from the leaves of the Holly Tree that grow in the rain forest of South America.

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Pleasure Soup

If you’re not making Blended Soups then you are missing out on a powerful component of a cutting-edge health strategy.

Making blended soups allows you to get a tremendous amount of fresh vegetables into your diet in a way that doesn’t take you 3 hours to chew. You’d have to knaw on vegetables all day to achieve the recommended daily servings, and even then it’s usually not that enjoyable… But we are changing that all that with the Pleasure Soup!

This is one of the most popular recipes from my book The Key to Quantum Health. In the special section titled Life-Force Blended Soups I am sharing several AMAZING blended soup recipes.

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Macadamia Nut Fudge

When you’re in need of some satisfaction, these delicious treats are here to hit the spot.  This guilt-free Macadamia Nut Fudge is easy to make and will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth. The most powerful ingredient in this recipe is the Raw Chocolate (Raw Cacao) powder.

Raw cacao is the highest source of antioxidants of any complete food ever discovered. Antioxidants = Anti-aging!

It’s also rich in magnesium, iron, chromium, and zinc which are all essential for regulating appetite and getting rid of excess weight. Plus raw chocolate contains the feel good hormone influencers like tryptophan and serotonin. So as you can see, the real RAW chocolate is where all of the secrets are at…. With nutrients like this in your system, you can’t help but feel good!

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