Cashew Butter Planets

Fast, delicious, and PACKED with nutrition. These superfood power balls are a hit with kids and grown ups alike. Just mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl, roll into balls, and pop them in the freezer for an out-of-this-world snack. These are great when you need something fast when you’re running out the door, great after a workout (due to the EXCELLENT proteins you’re getting from the superfoods), and great for a healthy movie snack.

All of the ingredients are REAL FOOD. The flax and hemp seeds provide complete proteins, honey for a boost of enzymes, and creamy cashew butter to bring it all together and fortify your hormone levels. Oh, and one more little secret for you…. They taste like ice cream!

So here’s the recipe straight from my book The Key to Quantum Health. Make these TODAY, and enjoy!

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Camu Camu Berry Benefits – Leading The Superfruit Revolution

The amazing Camu Camu Berry is a fruit that grows in the Amazonian rain forest of Peru.  This superfruit fruit is quickly being recognized as a nutritional powerhouse that’s changing the face of health and wellness around the world.

The Camu Camu Berry is the #1 source of vitamin C of any known botanical.  It’s actually 3 percent pure vitamin C by weight.  To give you a comparison, that’s about 30 to 60 times more vitamin C than oranges!

Most people know about the importance of vitamin C for a healthy immune system.  I can’t even tell you how many times one of my clients has called me when they (or one of their family members) were coming down with an illness, and I had them take my Immune Boosting Vitamin C Formula (mainly consisting of Camu Camu Berry) and they were able to knock the illness right back in just a couple of hours.

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Jack LaLanne – A Hero And A Friend

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who has had the greatest impact on me and my health today.  Every time that I go into my kitchen, I see the Jack LaLanne Juicer and it instantly puts a smile on my face to see how far I’ve come.

Though myself and many others have never had a chance to meet Jack, his influence has integrated itself into the very fiber of American culture.  If you’re at all interested in your health, then Jack LaLanne has had something to do with what you’ve learned.

Jack was on television sharing his inspiration and insights when there were only a few T.V. stations to choose from.  For him to even be taken seriously on getting his own show at that time, he had to endure a tremendous amount of skepticism and pressure… But Jack, being Jack, this only fueled him on to change the paradigm of what’s possible.

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Shawn Shares Clear Skin Tips On eHealth Radio

In this exclusive interview for eHealth Radio you’ll learn about the real game-changers when it comes to having incredible skin. In this interview you’ll learn:

*The internal organ in your body that’s most responsible for your skin health

*What common allergens are leading to constant breakouts

*What the #1 nutrient for healthy skin is (and why most people are deficient in it!)

*And more!

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The Most Powerful Healing Tool In The World

Remember when you were a kid and your mom would bring you hot soup when you were sick?  What about when you fell down and she put a band-aid on for you, and the pain you were in instantly began to go away?

What is it about these circumstances that helps to nurse you back to health so quickly?

These are the moments in healing that we often take for granted, but it’s these very moments that we are stimulating our highest epigenetic expression.

Touching, hugging, and loving is physiologic and scientific.  For example, massaging induces the release of serotonin in the body, which helps regulate sleep, appetite, memory and learning, body temperature, muscle function, endocrine function, and cardiovascular function.

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