Go, Go, GOJI Berry!

For over 5000 years the goji berry has been revered as a potent anti-aging medicine and superfood. Only in recent years have the scientific understanding of the benefits of goji berries been realized by western society. This video shares with you the benefits of goji berries and why you need to add this historic superfood to your diet.

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The Secrets of Raw Chocolate

The benefits of chocolate range from DNA protection to the production of healthy hormones. Raw Chocolate, also known as Cacao, has been long revered for it’s remarkable effects on brain function, heart function, as well as the endocrine system. This video gives you a powerful assessment of the benefits of Cacao.

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Top 10 Vegetarian Sources of Protein

Protein is essential for building, repairing, and maintaining the human body.  It’s such an important nutrient that it’s actually responsible for the results we see in our genetic expression.  This means that the diseases you have (or don’t have) and the size and shape of your body are determinant upon the action of proteins in your system.

The whole trouble is when we take such a complex form of health and nutrition, and lump it all under this label called “protein.”  What proteins are, and what they do, are as variant and complex as anything in nature.

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Mangosteen, Xanthones, and Antioxidants

Mangosteen is widely regarded as “The Queen of All Fruits” because of the wide array of nutrients it provides. The antioxidants in mangosteen known as xanthones are highly revered for their effectiveness against cancer and other chronic illnesses. In this video you’ll learn about the benefits of mangosteen, xanthones, and antioxidants.

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Have You Hit A Plateau In Your Weight Loss Program?

“I’ve tried so hard exercising to lose my weight.  It worked at first, but now I can’t seem to lose another pound… This is just so frustrating!”

Have you seen this situation before?  You have friends who don’t workout nearly as much as you, their diet is way less strict than yours is, yet THEY are the ones who are continuing to get the results.  All the while you’re left slugging it out at the gym, and trying to break through huge invisible barriers.

If you’ve seen this before then I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.  Let’s start with the bad news first:

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