What’s REALLY The Best Drinking Water?

The best drinking water for the human body has been the focus of a huge debate. This informative video shares information on the municipal tap water system and the ineffectiveness of water filters. You’ll also learn about the process of hydration and aquaporins, as well as valuable information on bottled water, well water, and living spring water.

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Watch Out Baby! Here’s One of the Most DANGEROUS Things In Infant Formula

This topic is one that is really personal to me.  Having worked with several beautiful moms over the years and providing their pre-natal and post-natal nutritional programs, I’ve seen firsthand the remarkable impact that the right nutrition can having on a growing baby.

Recently Dr. Mercola released a CRITICALLY important article further disclosing the runaway hazards of soy-based infant formulas.  In this new study, it was found that children who were exposed to higher amounts of the trace mineral manganese had consistently lower intellectual functioning than children who were not excessively exposed to it.  What Dr. Mercola revealed was that soy has be shown to absorb manganese in the soil at extremely high levels, so that the soy infant formulas result in as much as 200 times the amount found in natural breast milk.

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Do You Have A Sweet Tooth That’s Getting You In Trouble?

Many people come to my office utterly confessing that they have a sweet tooth that’s causing all of the problems in their life.  First of all, it’s good to have a sweet tooth… It’s one of the joys in life to have some sweet treats made with love, by the people who are bringing “sweetness” into your reality.  The trouble seems to come up when things are out of balance in your body, when that occasional sweet treat has become an unconscious habit, and the sweet tooth has become your arch nemesis.

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Lower Abs Exercises

Super Set One:

a) 15 Weighted Stability Ball Crunches

b) 15 Stability Ball Jackknives

Rest 45 seconds and Repeat 1 more time

Super Set Two:

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This Spice Can Lower High Blood Pressure And Keep Your Blood Sugar In Check

So many times we miss out on the solutions hiding in plain sight.  Recently Dr. Mercola released an article touting the substantial power of cinnamon to regulate your blood sugar levels.  Cinnamon is a versatile herb that’s long been used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine.  It’s one of the highest sources of antioxidants of anything known, and it’s usually hiding unsuspectingly (and unused) in the back of your cabinet.

Dr. Mercola sited a 12-week study involving 58 type 2 diabetics.  By implementing just a half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day, the test subjects had significantly lower HbA1c levels, and significantly lower blood pressure as well.  HbA1c is a test that measures the substances formed when glucose attaches to hemoglobin in your blood.  This is known as glycated hemoglobin, and regulating this number is a key in sustaining normal glucose levels.

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