Longevity Elixir Part 2

In this part of the video you’ll learn about a little known food that may likely be one of the greatest anti aging foods ever discovered. You’ll also find out about what my personal favorite food is (you’ll be surprised!), and a nice little technique at the end to give your drink a more variety.

Be sure to click on the recipe button and share your experience with any of these foods OR the ones you’re excited to try.

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Drink This Juice Recipe For Better Skin

Clear skin is definitely in as more and more people are realizing that beautiful glowing skin is best achieved from the inside out.  Your skin, or your epidermis, is actually your body’s largest organ, and a vital channel of detoxification for your system.  When your body is clogged up on the inside, it’s going to show up as “clogged pores” on the outside.

Your skin is the outermost part of you, and it’s actually the LAST place to get nourishment from the foods you eat.  This is key, because not only do we need a great topical treatment for our delicate skin (like virgin coconut oil), but we also need nutrition that’s easily assimilated by our cells… This is where the fresh juices come in.

You are what your eat, and if you want your skin to be more supple and juicy, then you need to get on the juices!  Now the important thing here is that we are making our juices FRESH, and not using pasteurized juices that are essentially just processed sugar water, and one of the WORST things for your delicate skin.

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3 Things You Can Do Everyday to RADICALLY Improve Your Brain Function

Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s all in your head”?  Well that wise old adage is the way that things are actually functioning in you.  You are quite literally taking in BILLIONS of bits of information each microsecond, through endless fields of receptor sites in the cells of your body.  And all of this information is being processed, filtered, and compressed by your brain to deliver you “doable” and coherent information.

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The Hidden Culprit Behind Low Back Pain

Low back can often manifest a debilitating situation in someone’s life.  Structurally, your lower back (lumbar spine) supports most of the weight of your body and is subjected to the most mechanical stress.  This is specifically why it’s often this local area that radiates problems and pain from overuse, misuse, and misalignment in an individual’s day-to-day life.

Typically with our allopathic tendencies in thinking, when low back pain erupts in our life, we inherently go after addressing the “symptoms” of the back pain, and not addressing the underlying root cause.

The skeletal structure of the human spinal column is one of the most intricately designed edifices in all of nature.  This architectural design does not convey pain and discomfort without intelligent design.  The integrity of this design is specifically dependent upon the cooperation of the structures that allow flexibility and movement throughout the bony vertebrae of the spine.  These structures are the known as the intervertebral discs, which are fibrocartilaginous cushions that serve as the spine’s shock absorbing system which protect the vertebrae, the brain, and the nerves.

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4 Essential Flat Belly Foods

Today is a big day in getting the leverage that you need for having the fit, well-defined midsection that so many people are chasing after like the Holy Grail.  It’s true that having an attractive set of abs or a beautiful flat tummy is a great thing in the self-confidence department, but the rewards that it pays in being able to truly enjoy your body; to be strong, fit, and active in your life is really where these incredible tips are going to payoff.

You’ve heard the wise old adage, “You are what you eat”.  Well here are 4 CERTIFIED Flat belly foods that are going to give you the edge in having the well-defined core that you’ve always wanted to have.

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