23 Apr 2014

TMHS 048: You Can’t Touch This! The Benefits Of Massage Outweigh Medication


In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re looking at the many benefits of massage therapy. Massage has been clinically proven to help reduce depression and anxiety, improve hormone function, and boost the immune system. There are very few treatments that have such a wide array of benefits, and the history of massage itself may surprise you.

Massage therapy is documented in some of the most storied ancient traditions (which you’ll learn about today). Yet, even though it has a rich history, and it’s clinically proven to be effective, massage has it fallen out of practice in modern medicine. Today you’re going to understand why, and how massage is making a huge comeback in treatment for health and wellness.

16 Apr 2014

TMHS 047: If You Want A Great Exercise Program For Fat Loss, Try This!


In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re sharing exercise secrets for a better body and better health. When it comes to exercise programs, there isn’t really much new under the sun. Whatever’s popular has usually been here before in some form or fashion. P90-X, Bootcamps, Supersets, drop sets, 300 different types of yoga, pilates, sprint training, cross fit, and countless other exercise approaches claim to be the best thing ever, but really apply many of the same principles.

Just about every form of exercise will provide incredible value if utilized in the right way. But how can we take the best pieces from these things, and put them together to get the greatest benefit in the shortest amount of time?

Let me introduce you to Hybrid Training.

9 Apr 2014

TMHS 046: How To Improve Your Self-Esteem, Build Confidence, And Strengthen Your Body Image


In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re covering the important topic of body image and self-esteem. Recently there’s been alarming data revealed about body image and the media. We are trained, at an early age, to under-appreciate ourselves, and strive for a programmed belief of what perfection is.

Most people today struggle with body image issues. Yet, it’s something that’s hardly ever discussed because it’s so deeply ingrained in our culture to have them.

Today we’re going to shine a light on a major problem that’s at the core of eating disorders, depression, and numerous other issues affecting our health and happiness. By the end of the show, you’ll know exactly how to create a positive body image, and use it as a catalyst for a healthier, happier life.

7 Apr 2014

The Resting Squat – How Squatting Makes You More Human

The science is stacking up, and word is out that sitting for prolonged periods is devastating to our health. Former NASA scientist, Dr. Joan Vernikos, has compared sitting in a chair for prolonged periods to being weightless in space. This is due to the fact that the muscles, bones, joints, and other tissues aren’t supporting themselves naturally any longer. I did an entire show dedicated to the newly dubbed “Sitting Disease” right here. During the show, we also went in-depth on the impact that sitting too much has on your blood pressure, blood sugar, and your ability to burn fat.

Today we’re going to take things a step further. After understanding that sitting in chairs too frequently is bad for our health, what do we do instead? We understand now that our ancestors were much healthier and robust than we are today, but surely they sat down too?

It’s not that sitting is bad. It’s more so how we’re sitting that’s really smacking our health around right now. The human body was never designed to sit in an awkward 90 degree position with certain muscles completely shutting off, while others are being dramatically over-stressed. Here’s a little bit of what I mean:

2 Apr 2014

TMHS 045: How Stress Can Make Us Fat, Dumb, And Unhappy (And 4 Tips To De-Stress NOW!)


In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing one of the biggest underlying causes of poor health and unwanted weight gain. It’s a highly misunderstood phenomenon called STRESS.

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The definition of stress makes it sound even worse, but stress really doesn’t have to be all that bad.

You see, we actually need stress to grow, develop, and change. Mentally, physically, and spiritually stress helps us to reach more of our potential. The problem is when chronic stress creeps in, and individuals don’t have stress management strategies to deal with it. The result is over 90 percent of all physician visits today are for stress-related illnesses. And if stress goes unchecked, if can also lead to excess body fat, poor mental performance, and even chronic depression. But how does stress do all of this really?