TMHS 275: Essential Components Of Any Exercise Program And Movement Hygiene – With Luka Hocevar

Something’s not adding up. We’ve got more gyms, more fitness classes, and more health food stores per person in the U.S. than any other country in the world. Yet, we are continuously at the top of the list of countries with the most obesity and chronic illness.

Either we just need to make our continent into one massive gym to get this right, or there’s something left out of the equation that we’ve been missing.

On today’s show, we’re covering what this very thing is with one of the most skilled and well-respected fitness experts in the world, Luka Hocevar. Luka’s story is incredible in and of itself (which you’ll hear on the show). But what he’s doing right now, and the impact he’s making, is flat out remarkable. He’s going to share with you what EVERY effective exercise program must have, whether you’re an elite athlete or a stay-at-home parent who’s just wanting to get in better shape. Plus, you’re going to learn about this ancient old, yet, brand new concept of movement hygiene. And I think it just might change your life. So, just click play, listen in, and enjoy!

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TMHS 274: How To Quickly Recover From Sleep Deprivation

Life happens. Once you’ve woken up to the vast benefits of high quality sleep, it’s not always going to be smooth sailing.

You can employ great tactics to ensure you’re getting the sleep your body needs, but from time-to-time, those plans are going to go straight out the window. And that’s ok.

Today you’re going to receive a masterclass on recovering from the occasional bout of sleep deprivation with ease and grace. This episode is loaded with tips and insights you can keep in your superhero utility belt for when they’re needed. So, just click play, take good notes, and enjoy!

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TMHS 273: Eliminate Self-Sabotage & Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs – With Christine Hassler

“We have met the enemy, and he is us.” These are the wise words stated in the long-running comic strip Pogo by Walt Kelly. Who knew a comic strip could drop such profound truth?!

The greatest obstacle in our success is not something or someone external… our greatest obstacle is our own minds! We all have the capacity for so much, but what usually throws a metaphorical banana in our path (causing us to slip up) is our old way of being, our disempowering beliefs, and just good old-fashioned self-sabotage.

The assessment may arise, “Why on earth would we sabotage ourselves?!” I want to win! I want to succeed! I’m not going to stop myself by choice!” And therein lies the crux of the situation. Our self-sabotage is hardly ever a conscious choice. Moving past our self-sabotaging tendencies requires us to do some intelligent inner work. And that’s why I brought on renowned keynote speaker, bestselling author, and master coach, Christine Hassler.

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TMHS 272: Self-Analysis, Eccentric Exercise, & Training Your Mind For Success – With Steve Weatherford

Every human has the capacity to achieve great things. That’s undeniable. But what makes the difference between those who step into that greatness, and those who let their potential dwindle and die? I think the answer to that question can be summed up in one word: will.

When the inevitable challenges arrive in the pursuit of your goals, you need the will to push through. When things don’t go your way, how’s that willpower looking then? When simply giving yourself permission to want what you really want, you have to have the will to claim it. Willpower is not a motivational idea, it’s a necessity for anything of great success.

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TMHS 271: How Job Burnout Impacts Your Health & The Power Of Community – With Guest Chris Ducker

On any given workday, the average person in our modern world devotes about 50% of their waking hours to work. That’s a lot of time investment. And, believe it or not, this time investment has huge implications on your health, happiness, and longevity.

Today we’re talking about how our work influences our health. Plus, more importantly, we’re covering specific ways that you can adjust your work (or perception of your work) to enable you to get more joy, health, and success out of the thing you likely will spend half of your waking hours doing.

Today’s world is very different from the one our family member’s lived in just a couple generations ago. We live at a time of instant access to virtually everything. We live at a time of greater connection to people all over the world. And we live of more opportunity than ever to do work that we are deeply connected to. That’s why I thought our guest Chris Ducker would be the best person to help share these insights with you. He’s experienced the whole gamut of work experiences… from corporate work to being an incredibly successful entrepreneur, to experiencing a nearly tragic level of burnout that could have cost him everything.

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