Sugar Addiction, Estrogen Dominance, And The Hormone Reset Diet - With Dr. Sara Gottfried

TMHS 094: Sugar Addiction, Estrogen Dominance, And The Hormone Reset Diet – With Dr. Sara Gottfried


A statement that Dr. Sara Gottfried made at the end of this episode sent powerful chills right down my spine. She spoke to the powerful truth about a women’s work on this planet, and how important it is to get your body in balance.

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THMS 091: Conquering Diabesity – Natural Solutions For Diabetes And The Obesity Epidemic


A new term has been coined to demonstrate the parallel line between diabetes and obesity. Diabesity is the realization that diabetes and obesity go together like peanut butter and jelly, like spaghetti and meatballs, or like Doritos and chili cheese dogs (if you grew up like I did). > Keep Reading


TMHS 089: 180 Pound Weight Loss And The Ketogenic Diet – With Jimmy Moore


It’s pretty astonishing when you see the before and after picture of an individual who’s had the resolve to lose 80, 90, or even 100+ pounds.

It’s truly an act that puts them in a fraction of a fraction of the population who’s been able to accomplish a feat like that. > Keep Reading


TMHS 088: Simple Ways To Boost Your Happiness Hormones And The Food-Mood Connection – With Evan Brand


There’s a wonderful old quote that says, “Don’t put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.” It’s one of the grave mistakes we make as human beings to believe that it’s up to someone else to make us happy – or that someone else even can for that matter. > Keep Reading


TMHS: 087: How To Gain Weight In A Smart, Health Way And Why Being Underweight Can Be Dangerous


Being that our modern society has an epidemic of diabetes and obesity, it may surprise a lot of people that anyone would be interested about finding a way to gain weight. It may also come as a surprise that many people are unknowingly struggling with health problems as a result of being underweight or having a body fat percentage that’s too low. > Keep Reading