TMHS 062: Deadly Calories, The Truth About Fruit, And Exercise Hacks With Jonathan Bailor


Can losing weight really be that difficult?

Isn’t it as simple as eat less, burn more, and you’ll see that scale move, or did we all just miss the memo?

Millions of people worldwide struggle with conventional weight loss methods each year, and less than 10 percent of them keep the weight off long-term.

Logically speaking, there is a glaring hole in the way that standard diet and weight loss information is being disseminated.

The system is broken. Badly broken. And in order to take back control of our health, we have to shift our attention to things that truly matter.

Our misguided focus on controlling calories as the means for weight loss has resulted in rates of obesity and diabetes skyrocketing in the last few decades. [click to continue…]

TMHS 061: 7 Fat Loss Herbs That Really Work (And Supplement Mistakes To Avoid!)


Whenever you hear “billion dollar industry” your ears should perk up automatically.

With the supplement industry banking billions of dollars each year, there are more and more products hitting the store shelves all the time. More money in play, and more unregulated claims, means someone is usually getting screwed along the way. That somebody is you, the consumer.

So, which fat loss herbs really work? And how do they stack up to the other lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and exercise? Today you’re going to find out the surprising truth about these 7 fat loss herbs, plus critical supplement information that will help you make better decisions for a lifetime. [click to continue…]

TMHS 060: Improve Your Skin Naturally, Clear Up Acne, And 7 Tips To Have The Best Skin Ever!


Have you ever heard the saying, “First impressions last a lifetime”? Whether it’s true or not, we make snap judgements about people upon meeting them for the first time. It’s built into us as an evolutionary advantage to be critical, recognize patterns, and to observe the health and safety of those around us.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are judging and being judged with each and every person that we meet. And the very first thing that people see when in close contact with us is the health (or lack thereof) of our skin.

Our skin is a symbol of vitality. It is the outermost representation of what’s going on with our overall health. On the surface level we want clear, radiant skin to be more attractive to the world around us. On a deeper level our skin can be an indicator of potential (or even chronic) health problems. Our skin isn’t just something superficial to look at, it’s one of of best resources for monitoring our internal health and well-being. [click to continue…]

TMHS 059: How To Live And Eat Healthy With A Busy Lifestyle – With Sarah Fragoso


Many people feel that their busy schedules can be overwhelming at times. And it’s typically during the overwhelm that the not-so-good decisions are made with what we eat, drink, and participate in.

To quote the wise sage Morpheus on this one, “Welcome to the real world.”

By the way, if you haven’t seen The Matrix yet, drop down and give me 20 pushups because that’s just unacceptable… Okay, now you may read on. :)

Life isn’t going to be slowing down any time soon. There will always be something to do, someplace to be, and someone that needs your time and energy. The big “ah-ha” message to takeaway from all of this is that you literally cannot manage time. Time is just going to happen, you can’t do anything about that. But what you can do is manage YOURSELF, and therein lies your true power. [click to continue…]

TMHS 057: 7 Tips To Influence Your Friends And Family To Live A Healthier Lifestyle


When we truly love someone, we want to see them thrive. We want the best for them, and we want to see them happy.

In our world today, too many people are struggling day-to-day with their health. They are barely surviving, let alone thriving. And often times they have no idea things can change, or no motivation to do anything about it.

It can be one of the hardest things in life to see someone you love struggling with their health… especially when you know just how good it can actually be.

Today you’re going to find out some powerful ways to help motivate your friends and family to take better care of themselves. Sometimes it’s not the message itself, but how it’s delivered that can make all the difference in the world. That’s why today you’re also going to learn what NOT to do when communicating with the people you care about if you really want to effect change in their life. This is essential stuff, and very powerful… so use the forces for good young Jedi. [click to continue…]

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