Why I’m In LOVE With this New Snack Food

It’s not often that a snack food comes along that meets my standards.  We know now that the conventional snack foods of today (containing things like hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup) have all been linked to cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Most people get caught up in the so-called “Nutritional Labels” on food and don’t look closely at the actual ingredients of the products they’re putting in their body.  This is one of the BIGGEST dangers, because all calories are not created equal… and just because a snack food has just 10 calories DOES NOT mean that those calories won’t harm you.

That’s why I’m so excited about this product.  It’s made with intelligence and intention to help people fuel their day using real, natural, whole food ingredients.  And most importantly, it tastes AMAZING!

The old fat-producing snack foods are about to be retired once you get this into your hands.  Find out all the info about it in this exclusive interview with the product creator right here:

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Natural Cure For Gout

Gout is a very nasty disease to deal with.  Once you think it’s gone and you’ve got it handled, it can show up unexpectedly and put you right back into agony.

Gout is such a tricky condition to get rid of because it has a self-perpetuating mechanism that keeps reproducing itself over-and-over again.  The key to eliminating gout is understanding this feedback loop and breaking the cycle at its core.

Gout has been historically known as the “rich man’s disease” and “the disease of kings”.  This was because of the lifestyle factors that were traditionally associated with the wealthy: heavily processed food (and lots of it), lack of movement (because they had others to do the work for them), and lack of true rest (because they were often out-of-sync with nature and could stay up late enjoying the spoils of the privileged life). 

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Is Your Cookware Making You Sick?

What if you found out that the pots and pans you’ve been cooking your family’s food on has been linked to major disease and even death?  Well, that’s precisely what’s been discovered in linking numerous major sources of cookware to preventable illness.

Shortly after World War II the Du Pont company unveiled the brand new Teflon non-stick cookware to the world (much to the joy of the general public).  Now house moms and self-proclaimed chefs could cook their meals quicker, easier, and with less work than ever before.  Because the surfaces were non-stick, you could use less oil (or even no oil at all), which was key as people were beginning to fear the perceived dangers of fat.

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