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New Year’s Message 2012

In this video you’ll learn some time-tested strategies for achieving all of your most inspiring goals this year. So many people struggle with their New Year’s Resolutions because they don’t have proven strategies in their hands like this. Get a pen and paper ready to do the exercises, and watch all of the amazing things happen this year! 

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Shawn Shares 3 Keys to Getting in Shape DURING the Holidays

Many people make New Year’s resolutions to (finally) get in shape, but see their efforts dwindling away over the following weeks. In this TV appearance on The Best of STL, I’m sharing 3 things you can do to getting in shape DURING the holiday season. You can use this time to get some momentum going as you head into the new year, and make this your best year ever! And as my gift to you, here’s the Chocolate Truffle recipe featured on the show:

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