TMHS 245: 7 Stranger Things That Make You Smarter

Our intelligence is not static. It’s something that can expand, evolve, and develop as long as we are alive and kicking. But, your brain (being the complex muscle that it is) needs exercise. If you don’t use it, you lose it. And I mean that quite literally.

Neuroplasticity shows us that our brains can literally rewire themselves and create new connections no matter where we are in life. It just needs the opportunity to do the amazing things it’s capable of. And, as you’ll discover today, not using your brain in new and novel ways can lead to cognitive decline. So, exercise your brain, so that you can flex your mental muscles for a lifetime!

Just like your body gets used to the same exercise, so does your mind. So, this episode is dedicated to giving you some stranger things (backed by science) that can make you smarter than ever. It’s the little things that can often make a big difference. If you’re willing to experiment, and get outside your comfort zone, you just might find some superpowers that you didn’t even know existed. So, whether you’re 11 or 111, hopefully these tips will broaden your horizons and help you live the life you’re destined for.

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TMHS 244: Immunomodulation, Adaptogens, And Healing Mushrooms – With Tero Isokauppila

The future of medicine is really the past of medicine. I know that sounds pretty deep… but hear me out.

We have records that at least two thousand years ago, physicians were prescribing medicinal mushrooms to their patients. Viral infection, headache, low libido… you name it. Medicinal mushrooms ranked at the top of the list in effectiveness for most illnesses. Now, here’s the rub. They also prescribed them to patients to help keep from being sick in the first place (not just when they had a problem).

It’s a very different model today, where our healthcare practitioners profit only when you are sick. Contrast that with the practitioner of old, who was paid to keep you well. One of these approaches needs more sick people around. The other one is single-focused on doing what it takes to keep you healthy.

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TMHS 243: How To Improve Your Digestion WITHOUT Changing Your Diet

Digestion might be one of the most miraculous processes in the universe.

If you think about it rationally, it’s a really, really strange and powerful phenomenon. Digestion is basically the process of taking something that’s outside of your body, and somehow, someway, it becomes a part of you…

From there, the food lives on through you in a different form. You are a walking, talking patchwork quilt of all the things you’ve eaten over the years. Pretty weird, right? But it’s also pretty amazing!

Now, when I say the things you’ve eaten over the years, that doesn’t mean that your body is still carrying cells from all of those gluten-free pumpkin muffins you ate over the holidays 2-years ago (oh, that’s just me, huh?). Your body’s cells are being renewed from the nutrients you give it all the time, that’s why there’s always an opportunity to right the ship, and make your body out of awesome stuff. But, the story doesn’t just stop there…

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TMHS 242: 6 Crucial Keys To Long-Term Fitness & The Science Of Motivation

When you understand motivation, you finally take the training wheels off on your ride to success.

If you can actually hone in on why we do the things that we do, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Without motivation, even the smallest tasks feel gargantuan. But, with motivation, there comes an overflow of focus and energy that puts conquering great feats on automatic.

We’ve all done it. There’s something we say we want to accomplish… something with our fitness, our career, our relationship, etc… but our actions don’t really match up to the result we say we want. Maybe we started with ample motivation in the beginning, but it has shriveled up like it’s too cold outside. We typically try again with similar results, or just give up and tell ourselves that the goal wasn’t that important to begin with. Motivation wains, and with it, so does our results.

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TMHS 241: Eliminating Your Body’s Unwanted Waste & Taking The Taboo Out Of Poo – With Bobby Edwards

The well known phrase “you are what you eat” isn’t entirely accurate. This is because everything you eat doesn’t become “you”. And thank goodness for that!

A lot of what you eat doesn’t make the cut as far as building materials, and it has to be eliminated. If that eliminatory process is hindered in any way, trouble starts brewing fast. Your digestion, assimilation, and elimination is the very foundation of your health. Yet, the elimination factor isn’t talked about nearly enough today. Poo is taboo, and it’s becoming a big problem.

So many chronic illnesses are tied to poor elimination. Obvious things like constipation and hemorrhoids, but also not-so-obvious things like chronic fatigue and cancer. Today we’re covering some of the big issues with conventional methods of poop behavior (this might be the first time that “poop behavior” has been written, by the way), plus one of the most remarkable solutions that’s already helping countless people improve their health. Bobby Edwards is leading the charge in the mission to get folks educated about elimination, and he’s here today to share his family’s story, plus some game-changing insights that can support your health for a lifetime.

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