Taking On Major Food Companies And Being A Champion For Health - With Vani Hari

TMHS 167: Taking On Major Food Companies And Being A Champion For Health – With Vani Hari

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” This is a quote from the ever-wise Dale Carnegie. And this is the first statement that comes to mind when I think of the courage of Vani Hari.

Vani is an action-taker. She began her life like many of us in modern society… fast food, fast life, and a fast-track to a date with disease.

Her action-taking nature was being used against her, and it landed her in a hospital bed, facing invasive surgery, and an important life decision.

Vani was hurt. She, like millions of others, put her trust in the corporations that manufacture the food that landed on her plate every day. Through a series of events (that you’re going to learn about today) she discovered that many of these multi-billion companies were putting chemicals in their foods that were leading to serious (and sometimes fatal) conditions for more people than you can imagine.

When she was presented with this information she had a choice. She could sit back and complain, or she could actually do something about it. And she decided to act!

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The Secret Life Of Your Immune System

TMHS 166: The Secret Life Of Your Immune System

Hippocrates, who is largely considered to be the father of modern medicine, said that, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Hippocrates was speaking about the miraculous power of our immune system, and that’s what today’s show is all about.

Where is this mysterious immune system located? And how does it work? These are questions that I used to ponder many years ago, and it led me to realize that to understand the bigger picture, I first needed to understand the smaller picture.

Our immune systems are hyper-intelligent and, in a strange way, they are omnipotent and omnipresent in the evolution of humanity. Our immune systems are what have enabled us to adapt and move beyond all manner of diseases that could have wiped us out long ago. But, our immune system is the trainer, rehabilitator, and defender of every cell in our body. Our immune system is something to be highly praised and supported. And a great way to show thanks is to learn a little more about it.

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12 Principles To Change Your Brain And Change Your Life

TMHS 165: 12 Principles To Change Your Brain And Change Your Life – With Dr. Daniel Amen

An ever expanding mystery to biologist and physicist alike, the human brain is truly the final frontier in understanding our universe, our world, and ourselves.

The form and function of your brain literally dictates everything about you. Your ability to choose papaya over Pop Tarts, your ability to choose forgiveness over hate, and your ability to choose courage over fear are all governed by that magnificent 3 pound organ resting inside of your head.

Your brain directs hormone function, activation of genetic programs, management of all of your senses and how you experience the world, and so much more. Today you’ll get an accelerated, easy-to-understand masterclass on brain basics.

Dr. Daniel Amen is a prolific physician, writer, and speaker who has been a pioneer in transforming our society’s understanding of the human brain, and how the function of our brain deeply impacts every area of our lives.

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Sex, Drugs, And The Sleep Revolution - With Arianna Huffington

TMHS 164: Sex, Drugs, And The Sleep Revolution – With Arianna Huffington

There’s a battle going on for your health. Never before in human history have we had so many things vying for our time and attention. And never before have we had so many things that pull us further and further from our natural state of health and well-being.

Arianna Huffington has become a voice on the frontline leading the charge to take back control of our health. Her winning battle tactic: great sleep.

Arianna was noted at one of The World’s 100 Most influential People by Time magazine and she’s using her platform of influence to help spark The Sleep Revolution.

Your body undergoes the greatest transformation from your diet and exercise while you are asleep. It’s the ultimate pillar of health that actually makes sustainable change happen. Today you’re going to learn how sleep impacts everything from your sex life, to your physical appearance, to your performance at work. Plus, you’ll get proven tips to become a talented sleep warrior so that you can be skilled at getting the best sleep of your life.

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How To Create A Superhero Brain

TMHS 163: How To Create A Superhero Brain

I love the quote from Bill Waterson that says, “Experience is food for the brain.” What’s so wonderful about our brains is that they are continuously learning, continuously growing, and continuously making new connections.

Your brain is this miraculous, self-designing entity. It can do so much to change your own world, but it can also change the world at large. However, it can only activate its true potential if we give it the tools to do so.

Experience feeds the brain. And there is likely no greater experience for nourishing and energizing your brain than The Superhero Brain Conference.

This event highlights the greatest thinkers and experts on improving and using your brain that the world has ever seen. Your brain is the governing force that’s directing every thought and every cell in your body. If you truly want to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life, then there’s nothing more important than learning how to create a superhero brain.

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