TMHS 302: 10 Tips To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

Have you ever reacted poorly based on raw emotions, and then later regretted it? Or have you ever impulsively eaten something that didn’t align with your goals—based on emotion alone?

Emotional intelligence is our ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express our emotions. It allows us to recognize and understand our own feelings, as well as the emotions of others. Having a high emotional intelligence allows us to align our behaviors with our values by understanding the critical piece that emotions play in decision-making. Not only that, but multiple studies have shown that high emotional intelligence is linked to success.

The good news is, this capability is not some static, set-in-stone trait. You actually hold the ability to fine-tune your emotional intelligence. In this episode, I’m sharing ten tactics you can utilize to increase your emotional intelligence so that you can better relate to others, meet your goals, and reach higher levels of success.

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TMHS 301: Get Yourself In Position To Win: Hard Work, Consistency, & Longevity – With Guest Ozzie Smith

Have you ever made a huge New Year’s Resolution, and then crashed and burned because the challenge was too overwhelming? I’m all for dreaming big, but if your method for reaching your goals isn’t realistic, you’re just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.

But what would happen if you simply committed to getting 1% better every day? Whether it be in your personal development, training, or relationships, small consistent improvements are what bring lasting results. Change isn’t typically an overnight 360-degree pivot, it’s learning and incorporating new behaviors, habits, and mindsets over time.

If there’s anyone on the planet that knows what it takes to put in that effort day-after-day, it’s one of my heroes—Ozzie Smith. Ozzie is a Hall of Fame MLB baseball player who is known as one of the greatest defensive shortstops of all time. Not only has he won countless awards and redefined his position, but he is also a stand-up human being and an incredible example of what it means to set yourself up for success.

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TMHS 300: 300th Episode Celebration! My Top 10 Favorite Moments

Becoming empowered is a process of gaining knowledge, and then putting it into action. When I started my career in the health field, my intent was to empower people with the tools to help them reach their goals—whether that be losing body fat or reversing disease.

I’ve been fortunate enough to serve countless people in my clinical work and in the gym. But stepping up and putting a show out there for the public at large has really been a game-changer on so many levels. It’s taken that reach from the thousands to the millions. And I’m just blown away every time I think about it. And I’m ON FIRE to keeping taking things to another level.

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TMHS 299: The Comfort Zone Myth & Motivation Through Empathy – With Guest Drew Manning

No matter what your goal is, a clearly defined purpose is key to success. If you haven’t outlined why you’re working toward change, you’ll quickly become unmotivated and give up.

But it’s not enough to simply have a motive. In order to create lasting change, your why should have meaning behind it. Your why should give you a purpose, bring you fulfillment, and inspire you on days when motivation is lacking.

Once you define your why, everything becomes much clearer. Whether we’re talking about fitness, money, or life in general, a fulfilling purpose is a catalyst for change.

On today’s show, my friend Drew Manning is back to share the lessons he’s learned about discovering a meaningful purpose, practicing gratitude, and developing a stronger sense of empathy. We’ll talk about the dangers of staying in your comfort zone, the importance of learning self-love, and how to find strength in vulnerability.

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TMHS 298: The Sleep & Fat Loss Masterclass

If you were to type in your search engine, “how to lose fat,” I bet you’d find a lot of articles emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise. Undoubtedly, those two components play a major role in changing your body composition. But there’s a huge piece of the puzzle that is missing from common knowledge—sleep.

If you really dig into the science, you’ll find that your sleep quality plays a more important role in fat loss than diet and exercise combined! However, this information has not (yet) made its way into our popular culture. A big reason sleep isn’t part of the conversation is it seems (on the surface) to be less actionable than meal prepping or putting in work in the gym.

In this episode, my mission is to help you understand the importance of sleep for your body, hormones, and overall fitness. I’ll share facts and strategies about regulating hormone levels, and how sleep influences the body’s basic mechanisms (including the brain and gut!) You’ll learn four actionable steps you can take to enhance your sleep quality, and in turn improve your body composition.

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