TMHS 297: The Truth About Collagen, Genetic Plasticity, & Sugar Bombs – With Guest Dr. Cate Shanahan

Eating isn’t as simple as consuming calories for energy. With the advent of frozen dinners and drive-thrus, we’ve lost sight of the importance of proper nutrition, and how what you eat can influence your health long-term.

Food is information, medicine, and nourishment. The quality of food you put in your body literally affects everything—from the way you feel and look, to how you perform. Science now shows that what we choose to eat ultimately influences the expression of our genes.

By understanding how to properly fuel our bodies, we can not only transform our health, but also the health of future generations. On this episode, Dr. Cate Shanahan is back to share her in-depth research (yet simple philosophy) on the optimal human diet. Her influential work has transformed the way I think about nutrition, and I know it will inspire you to implement positive changes in your life.

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TMHS 296: 3 Simple Keys To Take Control of Your Health & Fitness

When it comes down to it, making small changes consistently is what will bring you lasting results. No matter your skill or knowledge level, there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to completely transform your health.  

In this episode, I’m taking it back to basics and sharing some tried-and-true health tips that you can easily implement into your routine. I’ll explain a few essential nutrition, movement, and sleep tips that are scientifically proven to help you look and feel your very best. If you’re ready to take your health to the next level, today’s show is for you!

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TMHS 295: The Link Between Power And Aging, Cross Training Secrets, And How To Play On – With Guest Jeff Bercovici

It’s important to have goals, but being fixated on the end result can actually be a huge obstacle to your overall success. Whether you’re trying to top a personal record at the gym, or drop some pounds before a vacation, there will frequently be times that you will fall short. And that’s okay, because it’s part of the process that forges greatness.

If you can flip the switch in your mind to become process-oriented instead of results-oriented, a whole new world of joy and success will open up for you. How you react in those difficult moments can be a powerful testimony to your strength. If you accept defeat and stop moving toward your goal, you will have gained nothing. But if you can understand that hardship is simply part of the process, you’ll come out stronger on the other end. Success isn’t strictly about results. Part of the journey is embracing the process and gaining experience along the way.

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TMHS 294: Meal Prep Tips And Tricks And How To Eat More To Weigh Less – With Guest Amanda Meixner

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or boost endurance, following a consistent nutrition approach is essential. Without proper planning, many of us become easily consumed by our busy schedules and turn to run-of-the-mill restaurants or packaged foods. Consequently, we end up consuming subpar fuel for our bodies.

Achieving one’s health and fitness goals does not happen by chance. It really boils down to creating an actionable plan and following through on it. This is why meal planning can be so powerful. By implementing a weekly meal prep routine you can plan your meals in advance, give your body the proper nutrients, and ultimately reach your goals.

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TMHS 293: Go Slow To Get Fast And Get Fit For Life – With Guest Peter Park

When it comes down to it, performance is a key aspect of everything we do. Whether it’s in our relationships, jobs, or physical fitness, the ability to perform at a high level is what creates incredible results.

Sharpening that ability begins with building a strong foundation. Many people want to jump to achieving an end result, while not realizing the importance of putting in the work and mastering the basics. Physically, this can manifest in a whole host of problems. Without a strong foundation in place, we can develop faulty patterns that negatively affect our movement, posture, and strength.

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