TMHS 039: The 5 Steps To Living The Life You Really Want

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re talking about some of the “inner-game” tactics for creating the body and health you want. So many people today are suffering, not from poor nutrition, but from lack of purpose and feeling unfulfilled in their lives. If you’re not happy with who you are and what you’re doing, then getting your health in order will likely be a losing battle.

This show is so important because we’re going over specific strategies and mindset shifts that can help you to start living your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. So get ready, click play, and prepare for a paradigm shift!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why superheroes are so interesting to many of us.
  • How stress can be harmful or helpful (it depends on you).
  • How to proactively make yourself mentally stronger.
  • Why you need to shift from paranoia to pronoia.
  • Why humans are hard-wired to be afraid.
  • The right approach to handling your fears (this is golden!).
  • Why so many people don’t achieve the success they want.
  • Why villains and adversaries are important for development.
  • How we justify not living the life that we want.
  • How getting out of your “comfort zone” can actually make you more comfortable.
  • Questions to ask to uncover what your purpose is.
  • Why the human mind is hard-wired to answer questions.
  • The disempowering questions that can sabotage your success.
  • 7 empowering questions you can use to instantly change your results.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

* How To Discover Your Superpowers

* ReWild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis – Podcast

* The Top 7 Longevity Tips with Peter Ragnar – Podcast

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  • Lili
    20 Feb 2014, 1:24 am

    Thank you so immensely for this podcast. The material is so crucial for expansion and i I know i’m in my own growth spurt, so the guidance is super inspiring. The idea of being a super hero, and much of your talk reminded me of this passage by Ranier Maria Rilke:

    “If only we arrange our life according to that principle…that we must always hold to the difficult, then that which now seems to us the most alien will become what we most trust and find most faithful.

    How should we be able to forget those most ancient myths…the myths about dragons that at the last moment turn into princesses; perhaps all of the dragons of our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once beautiful and brave. Perhaps everything terrible is in it’s deepest being something helpless that wants help from us.”

    Thank you!!!! P.S. I know Shawn is a guy, but I really respect his approach and wonder if he would do more posts about women/hormonal cycles…I just feel so profoundly affected by my own hormones and wish I had better tools to navigate my health and wellness as a lady 🙂

    • Shawn
      20 Feb 2014, 5:54 pm

      Lili, thank you , thank you, thank you for sharing that passage! It’s so beautiful. It goes in great alignment with what we talked about on the show. And guess what…? I will most definitely do SEVERAL shows on women’s health/hormonal cycles. It’s such a huge topic and can’t be contained within a single show. Ask and it is given 🙂

      Thanks for being a part of the show, and thanks for being awesome!

  • Lili
    21 Feb 2014, 2:48 am

    Thank you! I’m listening to this podcast again! It’s so major 🙂