TMHS 017: Fat Loss Motivation Tips – Here’s 15 Tips To Stay Motivated To Exercise

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re focusing on specific tips to keep you motivated to exercise and take care of your body.  Now, these aren’t just any tips, I’m sharing fail-proof strategies to help you get into the best shape of your life.

Where your mind goes, your body will follow. You absolutely must have strategies in place for when the going gets tough, stress is creeping up, and you’re thinking about taking a few days off OR calling it quits all together.

Your success depends on what you do in the long-term and the strategies you have to make it happen. Get ready because you’re about to learn life-changing tips that will help you get there and never look back.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How watching a simple youtube video can train your brain to desire exercise.
  • Why music can be extremely helpful to put you in the right state for working out.
  • A simple trick to pre-program your cells to respond to music.
  • What quality you need to AVOID in a workout partner.
  • Why personal trainers are really valuable (and it’s not about lifting weights).
  • How words and motivational statements influence your mind and actions.
  • What a “Why card” is and why you need one.
  • How inspiring images help us to change our focus.
  • What motivational exercises are and how to do them.
  • Why social accountability is so effective at keeping you committed.
  • What food compound can be respectfully used to boost your motivation.
  • What the easiest and most overlooked tactic for exercising is.
  • How to set workout appointments that you won’t break.
  • How exercise gear can help to change your state.
  • How to shift your perception of exercise from “working out” to “stress relief“.
  • What events you can put on your calendar to make skipping exercise nearly impossible.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  • Jennifer
    16 Sep 2013, 11:09 pm

    Energetic growth and dynamic discipline are key elements to keep motivated and committed to the wealth of fitness. This podcast was non stop with psychological and motivational energy. I will definitely be using this podcast in my “pump kit” to get me going.
    In Sports Psychology I learned three key things: Imagery, Motivation, Attention/Focus were primary concepts to performance success. The essence of these factors are in this podcast! Way to represent!
    Another tip I use to reduce skipping out on gym days is to write an appointment with myself on my calendar. So I write: Gym, Jennifer, 10 a.m. AND put the “Why” card next to my calendar.
    Excellent!! Way to bring us in the ZONE!

    • Shawn
      17 Sep 2013, 4:10 pm

      Awesome stuff, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing.
      Schedule that appointment with the BOSS baby!

  • Penny Wright
    17 Sep 2013, 12:15 am

    Hey Shawn,
    I listened to your pod cast for the first time. The topic was motivation for exercising. You were fantastic. I am really wanting to be healthier and change my body, particular my waist line. I have had two kids and I am in my fifties, but I hate the extra stomach and roundness in the front. I see many women who also had babies, and not all of them are fat in the front. Anyway thanks again for the knowledge and motivation.Thanks for the good info. Can you please remind me of the cleansing powder that you recommend when you first start the program to clean yourself out.

    • Shawn
      17 Sep 2013, 4:15 pm

      That’s really wonderful, Penny, thank you. I really admire that you want to become a better version of you, and I know that you can do it. Just remember to be kind and appreciative to yourself. You’ve done the work of having two children and being a mom…. so don’t use it as something that’s held you back, use it as motivation that you are BEAUTIFUL and you can do anything!

      Since this is just your 1st episode, definitely head over and listen to episode like The 5 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes, The Calorie Myth, and Help Me Sleep! (this is a huge key to losing belly fat). Go get ’em Penny!